2.2.1. Scheduler

This page has two sections:

  1. The first box allows you to Add or Edit a Scheduled Event.

  2. The second box lists the Scheduled Events.

Figure 2.4. Add a Scheduler Action screen

Add a Scheduler Action Box

Select an Action, a Time and a Day, and then press the Add button to add a new event to the Scheduler. This will move the entry to the next section, and list it as enabled.

Select an Action from 'Reconnect', 'Connect', 'Disconnect', 'Reboot', 'Shutdown', 'Force DynDNS Update', 'Check for Updates' or 'Change to Profile'.

The option to change to a different Connection Profile requires the creation of alternative Profiles, which are configured on the Dialup Administration page.

Newer versions also include Actions to start and stop IPsec VPN and the OpenVPN server, and you can schedule checks for Blacklist updates for URL Filter.

Optionally, you can include a Remark to describe the event.

There are a couple of Default events, already provided for you, shown below.

Figure 2.5. Scheduled Actions section

Scheduled Actions Box

The Scheduled Actions section lists the current events. To edit one, click the Yellow Pencil icon. The entry's data will be displayed in the form above. Make your changes and click the Update button on the form.

To enable or disable an entry - click on the checkbox in the Action column for the particular event you want to enable or disable. The icon changes to an empty box when the entry is disabled. Click on the checkbox to enable it again.

To delete an entry click on its Trash Can icon.