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Building IPCop

The sources are in a SVN tree. Either checkout from trunk or a specific release tag, a checkout from all sources might take a long time.

If you have built your own IPCop and made some tested and working modifications which you think may be of interest to the IPCop Community, feel free to send your modifications as a ticket or post to ipcop-devel mailing list. The preferred way is to create a new ticket to insure we do not lose a message in a continuous mail flow.

A patch should be made with svn diff inside the top directory.
We prefer multiple separate small patches for each change subject.
A big mix of different changes may become difficult to understand.

Note that the developer mailing list is limited to 40 kByte message size, so you have to post a link to a URL if the patch is too big.

Do not forget to mention as much detail as possible, what you have done, why you have done it, etc.

Road Map

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